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Are you on the quest for the Best Indian Restaurant Brisbane ? Look no further! Lemone Chillies, where culinary excellence meets tradition, is your ultimate destination for an exceptional Indian dining experience.

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Lemon chillies INDIAN RESTAURANT 2024

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Best Indian Restaurant in Brisbane city

Since 2015, Lemon Chillies has been in Brisbane in the southern suburb of Runcorn. Our group of highly talented professionals have been working to provide the best quality food from our multicuisine, including North Indian, South Indian, Indo-Chinese, street food, and tandoor. we are Discovering Indian Cuisine in Brisbane,.”Whether you’re a connoisseur of best Indian restaurant Brisbane or new to its vibrant world, Lemone Chillies has something extraordinary to offer.” we serves Traditional Indian Cuisine in Brisbane city


Lemon chillies, Where cuisine meets culture

Best Indian Restaurant Brisbane


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Jijo Paul


Chef Jijo Paul, after graduating Diploma in Hospitality Management Srinivas College of Hotel Management, Mangalore, Karnataka and started his hospitality basement in Holiday Inn Ahmedabad Gujrat, and boosted his career, working with Oberoi Group of Five-star Hotels in India around 7 years. He came to Australia in 2002, as a qualified chef in Casablanca Brasserie and Café.

In 2005, he joined The Hilton Brisbane, as a chef and worked there for 8 years. Mr Jijo Paul widened his culinary experience to the Royal International Convention centre (RNA showgrounds) and for EKKA, prior to opening Lemon Chillies, the Best Indian Restaurant Brisbane. He has completed an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management from TAFE Southbank, Brisbane, and continued bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from Griffith University. in 2024 Lemone Chillies is not just a indian restaurant in brisbane city; it's a culinary journey that transports you to the heart & world of Indian food in Brisbane

Experience our passion of the finest Indian Cuisine in Brisbane at Lemon Chillies

BEST INDIAN FOOD in brisbane

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Best Indian Restaurant Brisbane

A Journey Through Indian Flavors @2024

The rich and diverse world of Indian food in Brisbane is now at your fingertips. Lemone Chillies has made it possible to experience the authenticity and variety of Indian cuisine right here in the city.

“The question ‘Is Indian Food Available in Brisbane?’ naturally arises in the minds of Indians living in Brisbane. The resounding answer is Yes, north Indian and especially south Indian food is readily available in Brisbane, and this is made possible by Lemone Chillies. We’ve wholeheartedly embraced the mission to serve you the most genuine Indian dishes, ensuring that you can easily enjoy the richness of Indian cuisine right here in the city.”

Catering to Every Palate

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At Lemone Chillies, we understand that every guest is unique. Whether you prefer the fiery spices of the North or the subtlety of the South, our chefs are happy to tailor dishes to your preferences, ensuring you have a personalized dining experience.

Our diverse menu showcases the culinary diversity of India. The North Indian section features aromatic curries, like the legendary Butter Chicken, that are rich and flavorful.

If you prefer something lighter, the South Indian section offers options like Masala Dosa, a crispy pancake filled with a delicious potato mixture. Our tandoor dishes are marinated to perfection and cooked in the traditional clay oven, delivering mouthwatering Tandoori Delights.

Lemone Chillies stands out for its unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality, making it the top choice among Indian restaurants in australia

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Yes, at LemonChillies restaurant in Brisbane, we proudly serve authentic South Indian cuisine. Our menu showcases a wide range of traditional South Indian dishes, Among our specialties are the flavorful Fish Pollichathu and the aromatic Beef Mappas.

Additionally, our menu features enticing dishes like Crab Roast, traditional South Indian Thali meals, and the ever-popular Masala Dosa, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for all our guests.

Certainly! “Lemon Chillies” is  the best restaurant in Brisbane for indian foods, especially for its exquisite Kerala cuisine offerings. Many patrons praise its authentic flavors and impeccable service, making it a top choice for experiencing the taste of Kerala in Brisbane. so  dont looking further for the best Kerala restaurant in Brisbane  other then lemon chillies

In Australia, especially in Brisbane city Indian cuisine has gained immense popularity, with several dishes becoming favorites among locals. One of the most famous Indian foods in Australia is butter chicken. Another beloved dish is chicken tikka masala. Additionally, Australians enjoy classics diverse flavors and vibrant spices, Indian cuisine, including dishes like chicken biryani and dosas, tandoori chicken,chicken kebabs, has become a cherished part of Australia’s culinary landscape.

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Best Kerala Restaurant in Brisbane

Lemonchillies is the ultimate destination for authentic Kerala cuisine in Brisbane. As the premier Indian restaurant in the heart of Brisbane city, we take immense pride in offering a culinary journey that transports you to the lush landscapes and vibrant flavors of Kerala.

Nestled in the cultural tapestry of Brisbane, Lemonchillies stands out as a beacon of traditional Kerala hospitality and gastronomy. From the moment you step through our doors, you are greeted with the warm aroma of spices and the promise of an unforgettable dining experience.

Our menu boasts a tantalizing array of Kerala delicacies, prepared with utmost care and using the finest ingredients. Whether you’re craving the fiery tang of Malabar Fish Curry, the comforting embrace of Appam and Stew, or the irresistible sweetness of Payasam, our chefs craft each dish with authenticity and passion.

But it’s not just about the food; it’s about the ambiance, the service, and the memories we create together. At Lemonchillies, we strive to exceed your expectations, ensuring every visit leaves you with a sense of satisfaction and a longing to return.

Join us and indulge in the flavors of Kerala right here in Brisbane. Come discover why Lemonchillies is renowned as the best Kerala restaurant in the city and experience the true essence of South Indian cuisine. We offer an exquisite selection of authentic Indian cuisine, showcasing the rich tapestry of flavors and spices that define traditional Indian cooking